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Scam Monitor

Jul-3-2017 02:12:37 AM

As on our last email regard hot hyip we have told that they kept us not paying but last payout see we paid them that day and today also we paid them but still they kept us not paying and last paid 2 days back but see in our home page we have paid them today also so we are removing this scam monitor as our investor.

So from now on all ignore that hothyip monitor status even they getting paid regular they are trying to keep us as not paying. All do complain on them on hyip forum and comment on there website too :

Hyip Monitor which turned as Scammer And Misleading Hyip Investors.

Jun-29-2017 05:40:44 PM

We are paying to HotHyip.Biz But still those people kept us as not paying and even we have paid 3 days back they took our money but kept us as scam so all investors dont get mislead with these two monitors they might started stealing funds with hyip admins....

Please check the screenshot below of there scam taking money but keeping us not paying and scam.

These two are hot hyip paying status

Check the 105$ paid to

Perfect Money Has been Added

Jun-17-2017 08:55:32 AM

All Investors now you can use Perfect Money to invest on CryptoStocks.

Thank you.

Please Vote Us on Monitor

Jun-1-2017 02:40:46 PM

All please post your reviews on Hyipscope Monitor About CryptoStocks and Share your ideas with us as we now hired only Hyipscope as monitor :

We Only Hired one Monitior because what ever funds we getting we are trading with that amount and making profit and give you all a good profit and you can see like many hyip use to create and show huge amount of deposit and withdraw happening in there site but till now what we got and what you all withdraw thats only showing as we not here to show false we here to help you all grow your funds daily some % with the plan you invested.

Thank you

Cryptostocks Team.

Welcome To CryptoStocks LTD

May-28-2017 09:45:40 AM

Dear Clients!
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